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Trends and their impact: the final chapter in the trilogy. 2

And here is the final chapter in my personal trilogy on the practical application of trend analysis. A few months ago, I explained “how to ‘capture’ trends and give them a practical use”, looking at the example of combining trends in demographics and the health, food and technology sectors to […]

Advertising is one step ahead

Advertising is always one step ahead… until proven otherwise, in terms of trend analysis, that’s true. They are the first to benefit from knowing what’s happening and what’s going to happen… and why… and where… and to whom. It’s normal, the ultimate goal of the sector can be summed up […]

Yes, there is something with your user

Getting back into the rhythm after a short break for Christmas (a time, I won’t deny, I enjoy thoroughly, like a child), I come back to the eternal topic of the relationship between users and technology. In early December, I had the chance to present a simplified version of my […]