About me

Emma Pivetta

My professional project is a reflection of my life, especially my childhood. Catalan mother who grew up in France and an Italian father, my childhood was spent in four languages, Catalan, Spanish, Italian and French.

That multilingual child wanted to be an archeologist and a traveler. Although I did not choose the first option, I am lucky to be the second due to my profession. However there is an archaeologist inside me, since an archaeologist seeks and finds and, somehow, I do too.

Passionate traveler and culture, art and multiculturalism lover, after more than 15 years working for others I decided to apply everything I had seen and learned to my own professional project. Furthermore, with two added values: creativity and focus on people.
If I have to summarize my work in two words, I would say that I work to find and facilitate.

My job consists on monitorize and follow up trends; evaluate and translate them to end-users needs by transforming the ideas into services, products and real projects.

Mostly of the work I have been done it has been focused on fields like health, e-health, consumers,  ICT, materials and design and all of this with a strong international view.

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