We don’t know where we are. 2

  “We don’t know where we are,” a client said to me. Last year, a lot of my work focused on organisational changes and the impact that social trends, movements and dynamics have on this sensation of “not knowing where we are”. They are exciting projects, but in all honesty […]

Business & Sociology

Often, I don’t know where to start when writing about what I do. My notebooks are filled with notes for the next post, the project reports I turn in are full of ideas and information that I’ve found and the desire to put things down in words is always there. […]

How to build a Sustainable Business

In the second quarter of 2017, I’ve been teaching a course on how to build a sustainable business at the EU Business School. The title of this post wasn’t chosen at random. It is closely tied to that experience and to my two most recent trips. I talked about the […]

Coolhunting, projects and business 8

My job requires me to be constantly doing research. This can be browsing the vast world online (first choosing the best sources and then analysing them to gain insight on certain phenomena) or visiting or participating in events, workshops, fairs, occasions and manifestations that I find useful or that could […]

Trends and their impact: the final chapter in the trilogy. 2

And here is the final chapter in my personal trilogy on the practical application of trend analysis. A few months ago, I explained “how to ‘capture’ trends and give them a practical use”, looking at the example of combining trends in demographics and the health, food and technology sectors to […]