With Emma Pivetta you will find the best ally in order to promote your competitiveness up to an international level, to introduce your company into new markets, get partners or finance, strengthen your position in another country and adapt to your user needs.

The acknowledge of market environments and demands is essential for the success of your product and service. Currently, another pillar of competitiveness is to get to know your target market, the future demands of consumers and offer your users what they really need. We translate the analysis of trends into inputs for you in order to design new products and services, always focused on the needs of your customers and users.

At Emma Pivetta we are developing a new field work based on the improvement of creative processes when designing products and services. Those improvements lie on the combination of art and technology. We would like to carry both disciplines towards more open fields. We strongly believe in the “multidisciplinary and creative pollution”. Therefore that is what we have done in the Het Verweyt project and also we have collaborated with other companies like La Mandarina de Newton based on similar bases.