Internationalization & EU projects


With  Emma Pivetta you will find the best ally in order to promote your competitiveness up to an international levelto introduce your company into new markets, get partners or finance, strengthen your position in another country and adapt to your end-user needs.

  • Internationalization of companies

We work closely with you, because, instead of only assessing, we look for working together with you side by side. We will adapt our research to your business model as well as to the needs of your end-users during the whole internationalization process. We conduct:

Market research

Trend analysis

Partners search

  • Search of European Finance  

We look for public and private European funding, for companies and institutions.

We locate suitable European calls for your goals.

We participate in brokerage events.

We seek partners for consortiums

We jointly drafted the project with the client for his presentation.

  • Technology  transfer

We connect companies and institutions that develop technology with those who will be distributors into the market. We analyze trends. Then you can convert such analysis into innovation for your products and services.

  • Partner’s search

We search and found the best partners for your business